All good things start with cheese…


A large part of this blog is going to focus on ways to shop bulk and save money.


In our house we have many goals going on at once. One of them is sticking to a budget. It is a challenge. I am not 100% there yet. But, I am working on it.


In an effort to keep up with Keto on a budget, I spend time planning out every meal for the whole family for two week blocks of time. From there, I create a grocery list. I will literally tally mark the # of eggs I need, etc. as I create this list. Keep your eyes peeled for a post on this list making process about mid-month.


In order to be prepared for two solid weeks, I have to shop in bulk. We took the great advice of the internet and have chosen to stop buying pre-shredded cheese. Why?

Block cheese isn’t coated in corn starch for preservation. (read: less carbs!)

It’s more delicious that way.

It is less expensive in large blocks than it is in pre-shredded bags.

It was an excuse to finally get a decent food processor that will shred the cheese for me. 😉


There is cheese in our house. Lots and lots of cheese. If you’re family is anything like mine, you like it shredded, you like it in string cheese form and cream cheese form and cheese chip form and sliced straight off the block too.

So to achieve our new goal of no pre-shredded, I sliced out blocks of cheese. Each 1lb block made about three bags (I used quart size).

I am going to share great products as I find them. This food processor was not one of them. Being the Target-loving, budget-friendly shopper that I am, I took Cartwheel up on this great deal and hated the product. So… goodbye Black and Decker food processor. Hopefully the one on it’s way from Amazon is better. If so, I will share.



Once I shredded, I bagged them evenly. I threw about three bags in the refrigerator because we will probably use all of those this week. The rest found their way into the freezer.


That’s it! Easy cheesy!



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