Welcome to KetoFam!

Welcome to KetoFam!

I am going to just do a quick intro – then I will dive into all the good stuff as I post. I am going to try to keep my posts short and sweet. I tend to be long winded and would like to avoid that here! 🙂

So, hi! I am Nika.


I’m a mom. A wife. A daughter.

I was an elementary school teacher – that will always be a part of me!

I love coffee… like LOVE it.

I am a small business owner.

I am a photographer.

I’m a Native Arizonan. We just moved across the country to North Carolina and I am in love with it.

I am incredibly social.

I’m terrified of down escalators and swimming pool vacuums (like legit terrified).

I LOVE to cook. I’m terrible at creating my own stuff. Here, if you see a recipe, I will definitely be sharing where I found it. Sometimes I tweak things. But, I do love making masterpieces out of other people’s creative ideas!

I geek out over organizing stuff!

I love to share knowledge with people when I discover something great. Thus why I am here.

I’m excited to be starting this blog. I cannot wait to share ways to implement the keto lifestyle into your busy family schedules!

So, welcome. Come visit often, I plan to post frequently!


*Photo credit : http://jessicaaldenphotography.com/

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