Keto Bread

My three year old is currently obsessed with peanut butter sandwiches. We keep the kids grain free for the most part (aside from a stray nugget when we are out and about once in awhile). So… bread. We don’t keep it in the house – we really never have in the time they have been alive. So, I had to come up with a bread that was easy to make regularly. I found this great recipe in a few places on the internet, but decided to toss in some psyllium and apple cider vinegar because I liked the results they created in other breads I have made… and poof! Perfect bread. The husks lessen the eggy ness of this bread as well! We now make a loaf a week, I slice it thin and store it in a bag in the fridge.



1/2 cup butter (melted)

3 tbs bacon grease

8 eggs

1 tsp baking powder

1 cup almond flour

1/2 tsp xanthan gum

1/2 tsp salt

3/4 cup psyllium husk powder (I highly suggest using the NOW brand – I get the whole husks and run them through a coffee grinder on fine a few times to get a really fine powder)

3 tbs apple cider vinegar


In a bowl mix together the baking powder, xanthan gum, salt, almond flour and psyllium husk powder. Whisk together thoroughly.


In a mixing bowl (I use my Kitchen Aid Mixer) mix eggs, add in butter, bacon grease and apple cider vinegar. Once well mixed, slowly mix in the dry ingredients.

Once mixed, pour evenly into a well greased metal bread pan.

Bake on 350 for exactly one hour (check with a butter knife or toothpick for doneness)