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I know this blog is long overdue and much anticipated by many. For years now I have had friends dropping off empty jars and a few bucks to cover ingredients because they love this salsa so much. It is time to share the recipe with the world. If you want the video, you will hear me explain that I am never going to jar and sell it, so I want to share it!

We are Native Arizonans. My husband and I both spent about 30 years or so in Arizona. If you asked me to pick just one thing I miss about AZ I would be torn between the mountains, my family, the authentic Mexican food and the sunsets. But, at the end of the day it would be the food. Haha. Just kidding Mom, :). We moved to North Carolina five years ago and absolutely love it here. But, I will tell you, authentic Mexican food is sparse here. Especially salsa! I may have done something crazy and flown a batch of it home from my favorite restaurant back in AZ just to try and get as close to the recipe as I could. I would thaw little bits each time I tried a new recipe until I got as close as I could. And, my salsa was born. 🙂

Enjoy! You can watch the video for a thorough description. Don’t judge, it is literally my first YouTube video ever. I didn’t do my hair or makeup beforehand. I didn’t have the forethought to not get caught coughing up a storm from inhaling pepper. So, enjoy, laugh and have fun making this!

What You Need

2 14.5 oz cans of diced tomatoes

1 bunch of fresh cilantro
(I wasn’t going to say it… but I am going to say it. Check the tie around it if you are unsure – cilantro and parsley are near each other in the produce section and look similar in that they are green, fluffy and leafy… cilantro has a very distinct scent and larger leaves).

2 tbs fresh garlic (or 4-5 fresh cloves)

Lime juice – I use the stuff in a bottle, you can use it out a lime too, in which case 2 large limes would be ideal.

1 tbs onion powder

Salt to taste (you’ll start with 2 tsp and work your way up)

1 tsp Mexican Oregano

Dried Chili Peppers (4 to 15 to taste)

Green onions (optional)

Olive oil (optional)

What to Do

  1. Wash and pat dry your cilantro, once it is dry chop loosely, you’ll want the entire bunch. I am going to shamelessly plug out favorite knife right here. It is the only thing we still own that my husband owned when we met 10 years ago. It is a Cutco knife and with 20 other knives in the house I reach for this one 100% of the time.
  2. Get your food processor ready to go. I have an older version of this Hamilton Beach one and I love it. I use it for salsa, grating cheese, etc. I used to use our Ninja Blender too. Either one works really.
  3. Open your canned tomatoes ahead of time.
  4. Place 4 – 15 dried chili peppers in your food processor. This is IMPORTANT, read first. We love it spicy, like make you cry, kind of spicy. If you can’t handle much spice go with 4, if you like a little kick, try 7, a healthy spice 10-11, make you cry is 12-15 range. The fresher your peppers are the spicier they will be. If they have been sitting in an open bag on the shelf for awhile they will be less spicy.
  5. This is also very important. Tomatoes are next, be ready to go from peppers to tomatoes quickly without breathing in. You will thank me if you do this correctly. Turn the food processor on high and blend the peppers alone until they are ground red pepper. Before you open that lid be ready to hold your breath.
  6. Open the lid, pour the tomatoes over the top of the peppers evenly and close. Let it sit for a second. This should settle the pepper so you can open the lid to put everything else in while breathing :).
  7. Add lime juice. If you are using bottled lime juice, seven quick squeezes will do. If you are pouring, seven quick small pours (like 7 tsp), if you are using fresh limes, the juice of about two limes should make around 7 tsp, use that.
  8. Add onion powder, fresh garlic (I wrote 2tbs in the recipe, in my video I say one heaping tablespoon, you will see by watching, it is basically 2 tbs), salt, oregano and evenly disperse the cilantro around.
  9. Pulse a few times until it is a consistency you are happy with. If after a few pulses it isn’t smooth enough for you, do it a few extra times. You can also add about 2-3tbs of olive oil to smooth it out if you would like. (I didn’t do this in the video)
  10. Taste, you’ll know if it is perfect. If it is missing something, that is salt. Add 1 tsp at a time until you get it right. We like things a little salty. I probably use 4 tsp in our batch.
  11. If you like green onions, chop them up and toss some in too. I personally LOVE adding them. But, my husband prefers it without, so I didn’t when I made this batch.
  12. Serve over our Carne Asada Bowls, Scrambled eggs, Tacos or just with pork rinds for a yummy low carb snack!

Macros (per 2tbs) makes 24 servings

Protein: 0g

Fat: 0g

Carbs: 1g

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